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There is a desire for town pride

There is a desire for town pride

Do you remember that Aquarius campaign from years ago, specifically 10 years have passed, in which a Pueblito Bueno offered to adopt those town orphans?

And this is how we consider those who do not have a town, the lucky ones who enjoy having a town. That place that during childhood makes you understand the word freedom. With what is falling, those who have their little house in the town can enjoy a summer away from flight strikes, fuel increases, and the excesses of hotel chains. Rural tourism, that of small towns, those charming little towns that deserve our affection and memory, because memory is something that we should not lose, the title Alfonso is very apt. Beware of the memory of the Photoespaña exhibition that can be seen this summer at the Huete Photography Museum.

Those towns that we loved when we were children, and to which we return as adults again and again, those towns to which we love to take our children and we will surely take our grandchildren, because they are the essence of who we are, they are our roots, our origin.

Well, this year it is the J&B whiskey brand that brings a campaign where the protagonists are once again the towns: There is a desire for town pride!! Whose objective is to make visible the term 'sexilium' - fleeing your place of origin due to your sexual orientation and/or identity, and the implications that this has for many people as this situation continues to be a reality. Having to leave your origin because your environment is not safe seems like something far away, but this very serious problem continues to be repeated today.

As J&B reports, this situation occurs despite the fact that "more than 40 years ago homosexuality stopped being considered criminal behavior in Spain." "However, the LGTBIQ+ group continues to fight to achieve legislative protection and equality in all social aspects in the country," he says.

From our towns we condemn inequalities and defend the right to live with freedom and respect. There is still a way to go in rural areas, but we will continue fighting for real equity so that the entire community can feel proud of its condition. Hey!

The float of town pride will travel throughout Spain filling everything with freedom, kisses and love. If you want to target your town you can do so on the website

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