Mycological Route in the Serrania de Cuenca

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Tour description

Autumn arrives and with it the mushroom season. The forests of the Cuenca range mountain hide many secrets and with this route we want you to join us to discover them.

An expert in mycology will show us all the mysteries of mushrooms and fungi that we will find in our path. We will learn curiosities, legends and, especially, uses and edibility of mushrooms and fungi.

We will also show you methods of preparation, collection and conservation…but first of all, we will teach you to differentiate them and know where to look for them. No doubt you will fell in love with the wonderful world of mycology.

The day begin with a short introductory talk by our expert at the meeting point and at 10:30 we get into the searching in the Cuenca mountain range.

During the day different mushroom specimens will be collected and, with the help of our guide, we will learn to know them by name, characteristics, seasonality, growth features, location ... In addition to becoming experts on mycology we will also get to know a lot about botany, uses from the plants of our forests, local legends ... a profitable day for all ages.

If you like photography you can also take the opportunity to bring your camera and enjoy the beautiful shapes and colors of autumn nature.

This activity is 4 hours and a half long and it is necessary to wear comfortable shoes, warm clothes, basket and razor.

Tour duration

4 hours

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Included in this tour

Presentation and excursion to the mountains with an expert in mycology

Not included in this tour

No service not specified in the section Includes

Additional information


El Tablazo Restaurant (Villalba de la Sierra)

The departure may be canceled if the total number of attendees does not reach 4 people. In that case, as the date approaches we will notify you that this possibility may occur.


- Assist with basket and knife

- Bring a raincoat

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