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Tour description

Cuenqueando we are a specialist agency in Cuenca that knows our land perfectly. That is why we have prepared this excursion from Madrid to Cuenca, a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, and to the Enchanted City, so that you can get to know the nature and heritage that this tour to Cuenca offers you.
This excursion to Cuenca and the Enchanted City from Madrid will allow you to get to know these two essential attractions, but it will also make you discover the reality of the rural world in Spain. On the routes we will cross some of the most uninhabited and least known places in Europe, which will give you a point of view outside the big cities and the great tourist attractions of the country.
A combination of nature and heritage that make it one of the best excursions to get to know the surroundings of Madrid.



Departure from Madrid: 8.30, from Plaza del Conde de Casal
Guided visit to the Enchanted City
Stop at the Devil's Window
Panoramic view of the Hoz del Júcar
Free lunch in the Castle District
Guided visit to Medieval Cuenca
20.00 Arrival in Madrid, Plaza del Conde de Casal


We leave from the Plaza del Conde de Casal, in the center of Madrid, accompanied by our native tour guide, heading to the Enchanted City. Along the way we will make a brief stop at Finca La Estacada, a wine complex where we will have time to go to the bathroom or have a coffee. Near our destination, we will make another brief stop at the Ventano del Diablo, a mythical viewpoint of the Hoces del Río Júcar, where we will be able to spot the impressive Griffon Vulture overhead.
In the Enchanted City we will take a walking tour with our guide, who will enlighten us with all the information and anecdotes that surround this magical walk.
At the end of the visit our bus will pick us up to take us to the Barrio del Castillo de Cuenca, where you will find different restaurants where you can have your lunch.
Once we have had lunch, we will take a comfortable walking tour, always downhill, which will take us through the most emblematic corners and monuments of the Medieval quarter, through the door of the cathedral, under the Hanging Houses and through the San Pablo Bridge, to the Parador de Cuenca, where the bus will pick us up again to go back to Madrid, where our guide will leave them at 7:45 p.m. at the same point from which the excursion started.
This tour from Madrid to Cuenca has been designed by the agency that knows this destination best, designed so that you can enjoy and get to know our land to the fullest in a single day. Our local guides will make you feel at home because Cuenca is our home!!! We invite you to book our excursion to Cuenca by bus directly with us!!


La Estacada Estate Winery

In the morning, when we have been an hour on the journey from Madrid to Cuenca, we will stop at the first town in the province of Cuenca, Tarancón. The stop will be at a beautiful Manchega Winery and wine tourism complex. You can enjoy the beautiful view of the Sea of ??Vineyards from the windows of the Gastro-Bar, where you can have a coffee or go to the bathroom before continuing the trip.

Devil's Window

On the way to the Enchanted City we find the viewpoint of the Ventano del Diablo. A privileged viewpoint over the tremendous cliffs that the Júcar River has carved out of the limestone rock of the Iberian Massif over millions of years. During the stop, dozens of Vultures, and hopefully other birds of prey, will delight us with their flight to the sound of the murmur created by the echo of the waters of the Júcar River in the canyon, creating an atmosphere that will overwhelm us.

the enchanted city

Here we begin our excursion to Cuenca. Although the name misleads, do not expect to find tall buildings or ancient monuments, because this site is saved to show you the wonders of nature in the Serranía de Cuenca. The Júcar River, as it passes between Uña and Villalba de la Sierra, forms a gigantic and impressive canyon. It is here, at almost 1,500m. of altitude, where nature has allowed itself one of those whims that always fill the traveler with amazement: The Enchanted City.

The Enchanted City is a natural area that was declared in 1929 as a Natural Site of National Interest. It is currently included within the limits of the Serranía de Cuenca Natural Park (PNSC), within the priority protection zones due to its exceptional geomorphological value, of international relevance.

The astonishment that it arouses has caused numerous cinematographic creators to find their inspiration in this impressive cinematographic landscape, adorned by the silence of the mountain. A movie landscape through which artists of the stature of Sophia Loren, Frank Sinatra, Cary Grant, Oliver Stone, Arnold Schwarzenegger have passed.

Here the karstic modeling has generated capricious forms in the rock that surprise the visitor. These worldwide known geological phenomena are rock formations sculpted by the action of water, wind and ice. An underwater landscape that hid the Jurassic Sea of ??Thetis, predecessor of the Mediterranean. Its paths encourage you to walk through curious stone shapes that recall human figures, objects, animals, with a precision that is difficult to understand, until you get to a delirious city, a city that seems asleep by some kind of mysterious spell.

city ??of basin

The City of Cuenca, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, is one of the cities with the most material and immaterial wealth in Spain.

The Landscape Basin is a city built on a strip of land between the gorges of the Júcar and Huécar rivers, which provide an incomparable natural setting for an urbanism anchored in time. These gorges enclose an immense historical heritage that is nestled between two precipices, a city immersed in the nature of thousands of years of geological morphology, little by little pierced by these rivers and that form stone structures that dwarf those who observe them.

Heritage Cuenca is a city that opens itself to the visitor as a perfect fusion between modern art and tradition. It is essential for the traveler to go through its old town, getting lost in the network of charming alleys that house important examples of religious heritage such as churches, convents, seminaries in which this deeply rooted tradition of worship in this city is breathed, even important museums such as the Museum of Abstract Art or that of the Antonio Pérez Foundation or the Diocesan Museum, a good example of provincial sacred art where important works from the Romanesque to the present are guarded, highlighting paintings by Martín Gómez el Viejo and El Greco. A city of contrasts where the modern and the traditional coexist.

The most impressive building in the city, the Cathedral of Our Lady of Grace, the first Gothic in Spain built by order of Alfonso VIII. Its interior never ceases to amaze when observing a construction that stretches from the 12th century to the last Baroque chapels.

Everybody knows about the Hanging Basin of its Hanging Houses, an example of Cuenca's popular architecture where its balconies invite you to simply observe the void, becoming the watchword of the city. As from its Skyscrapers of San Martín, the first buildings of more than ten floors in the world. The Saint Paul Bridge, designed by the Eiffel school, becomes a walk for the daring and an adventure for the dizzying, but it leaves everyone with the same feeling of being in one of the best places in the city. The same sensation produced by sitting in the Barrio del Castillo from where the visitor can feel the city at their feet, since its viewpoints directly overlook a fall towards the sickles that seems to appear at the most unheard-of depth.

Let's not forget the Cuenca flavor, this city is also made up of its unique flavors, its succulent meals and its traditional typical dishes. It is obligatory not to leave without trying its morteruelo, its ajoarriero, some porridge or a roast lamb, and to dare —without first knowing what it is— to eat a zarajo, all accompanied by local wines and finished off with a sweet based on honey and almonds, alajú and a revitalizing resolí.

All these basins, the Heritage Basin, the Landscape Basin, the Hanging Basin, the Sabor Basin, the Holy Basin... make the visitor immerse himself in an endless number of sensations, emotions, memories... that everyone who contemplates it falls asleep. Before so much beauty, without a doubt: Cuenca is unique!

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TIME: 8:30 a.m.

PLACE: Plaza del Conde de Casal, 6. Next to the door of the Hotel Claridge

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TIME: 8:00 p.m.

PLACE: Plaza del Conde de Casal, 6. Next to the door of the Hotel Claridge

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