Tours - 10% Dto. Venta anticipada 48h


Sanabrio Cave in Huete

Duration: 30 minutes

Guided visit to Huete Monumental City

Duration: 1,5 hours

Excursion Discover Cuenca

Duration: 12h

Excursion Discover Huete

Duration: 11 hours

Excursion Giants and Knights

Duration: 11 hours

Excursion Segobriga Civilization Jewel - Ucles

Duration: 10 hours

Excursion to Alarcón and Villanueva de la Jara

Duration: 7,5 hours

Excursion Let yourself be enchanted

Duration: 12 hours


Lavanda´s Tour

Duration: 2 hours

Gastrotour by La Alcarria

Duration: 4 hours

Oenological Experience in La Alcarria

Duration: 4 hours


Escalerón and La Raya hiking trail

Duration: 5 hours

Mycological Route in the Serrania de Cuenca

Duration: 3 hours

Berrea en la Serrania de Cuenca