Huete Ethnographic Route

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Tour description

Ethnographic heritage constitutes the soul of the people, its tradition and its history. It is this ethnographic heritage that makes us remember how our parents and grandparents lived in a world not so long away in time from ours, but yet very different. Ways of life that have become the people culture. We want to show you all this through an interesting Ethnographic Route:

6:30 p.m.: Visit to the Manuel Olarte Ethnographic Museum. One of the best museums in the province, with original traditional objects from the people of Huete. Everyone who visits this museum will feel how people lived in rural areas just few generations ago. The farm work, the cheese factory, the old school and the old Huete cinema, as well as an incredible collection of dolls…all this make this museum a beautiful memorial of the daily life of the past.

7:00 p.m.: Visit to the Old Forge. Forges were formerly basic services for rural areas due to the importance of iron in tasks such as agriculture. In Huete we have an original Forge that is practically the same as it was 100 years ago. Tools, bellows or anvils make us get back like in a time machine and imagine how it was working as a blacksmith. Hearing the sound of the hammer against the anvil was something common 80 years ago, a sound that we recover today.

7:30 p.m.: Visit to Huete Futuro’s Foundation Winery-Cave. The former importance of wine production is perfectly seen with this sample of those winery caves that proliferated in Huete town. The construction of caves whose purpose was to maintain a cool and stable temperature and constant humidity was very important in La Alcarria region. In this Winery-cave we can find the great clay jars still in their original sites and maintaining a layout specifically designed for their function. This cave also shows us the importance of its maintenance and restoration as a silent witness of a job almost lost in this region but very common in the past.

Tour duration

1.5 hours

Included in this tour

Entrance to the Manuel Olarte Ethnographic Museum
Entrance to the Old Forge
Visit to the Huete Futuro Foundation Winery Cave

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