Huete, the town most visited by Madrid residents

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Huete, the town most visited by Madrid residents

Huete, the town most visited by Madrid residents

The INE (National Statistics Institute) recently published that the most visited town in Cuenca by Madrid residents was Huete. Do you want to know why Huete is the most visited town in La Alcarria?

There are many attractions in Huete that make it the perfect getaway from Madrid. Sen is located in the La Alcarria region in the province of Cuenca, less than 1 hour and a half from Madrid. The noble and loyal City of Huete, as this is the title it has held since it was granted by the Catholic Monarchs, encompasses a rich architectural and religious heritage. Among its buildings, the Monastery of La Merced, the Convent of Jesus and Mary, the Church of San Nicolás and the Casa Palacio de los Condes de Garcinarro stand out, which is also a Rural Hotel.


Its natural environment is beautiful, its undulations, its chalky steppes... they hide a treasure in their depths: the lapis specularis. This crystallizing plaster was used in the Roman Empire as the first crystal in history, the Crystal of Hispania. Plinio the Elder in his "Historai Natural" says that the best lapis specularis in the entire Empire was the one found 100,000 paces around Segóbriga. If you do not know the Site of the City of Segóbriga, we recommend that you read The Roman Basin: the city of Segóbriga. The Lapis Specualris Mines can be visited on weekends, but you must reserve in advance since they are small groups. If you want to book your visit to the La Cueva del Sanabrio Mines you can do so from here.

And if you are already looking forward to next weekend to go discover Huete, we will tell you even more. It is one of the towns with the most museums per inhabitant in Spain. It has a Museum of Contemporary Art where you can discover the Collection of Collector Florencio de la Fuente, as well as the work of contemporary artists. Another of its treasures is the Ethnographic Museum, with a magnificent collection of dolls. The Antonio Pérez Foundation Museum of Photography is based in the Old Convent of Jesus and Mary, an incomparable setting to enjoy the works of the best photographers in the world. And if you want even more, it houses a Museum of Sacred Art in the Monasterio de la Merced full of high quality pieces.

Do you want more? Well, there is even more because Huete is a land of flavors, in fact every year they hold a Gastronomic Fair where they promote their local producers. So you can visit oil mill, winery, cheese factory, lavender fields...

And they are also a very culturally active town and organize annual events that you cannot miss such as the Jazz Concert Series, sports events, their local festivals of San Juan and Santa Quiteria... Come on, we already know where you are going to Cuenquear!!

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