Mycological Getaway

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Tour description

If you like nature and mushrooms this is the perfect plan for you! At Cuenqueando we have designed this package so that you can enjoy a very special weekend in La Serranía Conquense, at one of the times of the year when it is most exuberant.
Hotel El Tablazo is a haven of calm located in the town of Villalba de la Sierra, on the banks of the Júcar River and in the Seranía de Cuenca Natural Park. It has a private pond where you can go fishing, and a restaurant to lick your fingers during your stay. This will also be where we will meet to begin our mycological routes, making it the most comfortable place to enjoy this experience.

If you choose this package you will have to choose the duration in the "Choose an add-on" section. If you choose 1 night you will be reserving Saturday night, the day on which the mycological day is celebrated. If you also want to book the night before you will have to choose 2 nights in the "Choose an add-on" section.

The mycological day begins in the morning at 10:00, in the Restuarante of the Hotel El Tablazo, where we meet with the participants of the day. There, our expert mycologist will give us some basic notions about mycology, teach us tricks to distinguish edible mushrooms from poisonous ones, their historical uses, the most valued, the most hated, medicinal uses and everything you have always wanted to know about the world of mushrooms. . After knowing all the necessary secrets we will go out into the mountains to begin the collection. Throughout the morning our expert will show us the different varieties of mushrooms, fungi and plants that we can find in the Serranía de Cuenca, one of the largest green lungs in Europe. Around 2:30 p.m. we will finish our setera day; We recommend making a reservation at one of the magnificent restaurants in Uña, where the day will end.

On Saturday night you can enjoy dinner at the Hotel El Tablazo, consisting of first, main and dessert.

On Sunday we recommend you go into some of the most beautiful corners of the Serranía or go to Cuenca capital, a World Heritage Site.

This getaway makes you feel like you have discovered a treasure when you return home, and most likely, you want to return very soon.

If you do not want to hire accommodation or want to do it on your own, you can hire only the mycological day at this link "Mycological Route", the dates are more varied


- Hotel El Tablazo, Villalba de la Sierra (Cuenca)

Tour duration


Included in this tour

1 night accommodation at Hotel El Tablazo (breakfast included)

Mycological day in Las Majadas

Saturday Menu Dinner at the accommodation

Additional information

Reservations up to 5 days before departure (subject to availability at the accommodation)

Price per person in a double room.

The price for a single room has a supplement of €24/night

The extra night rate is €41 per person with breakfast included in a double room, and €59 in a single room.


- Free until 48 hours before arrival at the accommodation (2:00 p.m.)

- 100% of expenses in the last 24 hours

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