Guided visit to Ucles Monastery

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Tour description

Entrance and guided visit to the Monastery of Uclés. This spectacular 16th-century building is known as "Escorial de la Mancha", the main headquarters of the Military Order of Santiago and where Jorge Manrique was buried and Quevedo was jailed.

Uclés has a bright present based on an extraordinary past, with a medieval castle that was an active member of the Reconquest and a Monastery that was the capital of a state.

The guided visit of the Monastery of Uclés immerses you in the magical history of this Escorial de la Mancha, headquarters of the rich Order of Santiago and burial place of Jorge Manrique, who accompanies the recipient of his famous couplets in his lethargy. Entering a cloister like the one in Uclés takes you back in time, and you can walk through the halls and rooms that have served as a unique set for movies and series. Visiting the refectory to find its “secret” and entering its immense church with the guided tour will make you see the riddles that hide its walls.

Uclés is a source of inspiration for all the senses, let our guides show you their secrets.

Tour duration

1,5 hours

Included in this tour

Individual entrance to the Uclés Monastery

Guided tour with official guide

Additional information

The visit begins on the cover of the Monastery at the selected time

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