Tour to Segobriga and Ucles

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Tour description

The splendor of ancient civilizations, remote times that have left their mark on our culture, in our landscapes and in our traditions. Come to meet the Segóbriga Archaeological Park and the Uclés Monastery.


  • 09.00 Hotel pick-up 
  • 10.00 Guided visit to Segóbriga Archaeological Park
  • 12.00 Guided visit to the Uclés Monastery
  • 13.00 Wine tasting D.O. Uclés
  • 14.30 Hotel arrival

Guided visit to Segóbriga Archaeological Park. The ancient Roman city of Segóbriga It was a cradle of the economic splendor of Roman civilization. We will see its streets, buildings, and temples… This archaeological site is one of the best Roman cities example excavated inside the peninsular, offering us knowing its incomparable Forum and Ancient Roman theater or down to the arena of an amphitheater with capacity for 5,000 people and feel like real gladiators of the first century as if it were the same Maximum Tenth, but we will also visit its pubic hot springs where those Romans cleaned up and maintained an intense social life or visit the circus and glimpse what would be those impressive car races that remind us to the cinema.

Tasting of Manchego products and wine D.O. Uclés. In HeraSSanz Gourmet Store we will please the day tasting D.O Uclés wines with some meals of our gastronomy as the atascaburras, el morteruelo, la perdiz roja pickled and, of course, the famous"HeraSSanz" raw sheep's milk cheese

The Military Order of Santiago. We will walk which streets where one day walked caliphs, medieval knights, kings, poets, playwrights, and generals… Cause visiting Uclés is visit history, walk by its streets means to walk by the blank pages that remind you to the epic medieval fights with knights brandishing their spears on the backs of their white steeds and if the castle is impressive, majestic is its monastery,. El Escorial of la Mancha, headquarter of the Military Order of Santiago and where Jorge Manrique was buried and Quevedo was in prison.

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Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays


Hotel pick-up:

-Schedule between 9:00 and 9:30 am

Tourist Reception Center:

-9:30 am

-Av. República Argentina, 28, 16002 Cuenca

Included in this tour

  • Transport with hotel pick up
  • Turistic guide
  • Entrance and guided visit to Segóbriga Archaeological Park
  • Entrance and guided visit to the Uclés Monastery
  • Wine tasting and typical products in the Ucles Monastery

Additional information

Language: Spanish -English (specify in the reservation, please)

Day’s duration: with transport 5 hours

Guaranteed departure from two persons.

Indicate hotel of stay where the pick-up is to be made

Reservations until 6:00 p.m. on the day before departure

Cancellation fees: free of charge up to 24 hours before departure

Valid prices until 12/31/2019

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