Roman Lapis Specularis Mines: an asset of cultural interest

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 Roman Lapis Specularis Mines: an asset of cultural interest

Roman Lapis Specularis Mines: an asset of cultural interest

During these days the Roman Lapis Specularis Mines of Cueva del Sanabrio are in the news because the local action groups CEDER Alcarria Conquense and ADI El Záncara, through a European Union project, are working on preparing the file to request the declaration as Asset of Cultural Interest (BIC).
When we talk about lapis specularis we are talking about an element that many do not know, but for which many are interested, no longer because of its name, which is so strange to us, but because of its relationship with something ancient and that sounds in Latin, which always has its point of nostalgic. But lapis specularis is not something temporary in the history of Cuenca, and deep down we would not be able to understand this history if it were not for this material and the development that it brought to our lands 2,000 years ago.

The declaration of BIC (Asset of Cultural Interest) for some of the mines in our territories makes something necessary not only for the legal protection that this entails for some examples of mines that are unique in the territory that once included the Roman Empire, but for the cultural, historical and heritage identity that it represents for Cuenca society, which must not only know the history of these spaces, but must protect them for future generations so that they can enjoy them just like us.

The Roman mines of lapis specularis in Cuenca are the best examples of mining engineering of this material in the entire Empire, which was not exactly small, and the echoes of the economic, urban and social development caused by this economic sector can still be heard by all those who want to hear it. The declaration and protection of mines as BIC is an important step not only for the protection of these spaces, but also for the knowledge and social recognition that these spaces deserve, which were worked by people like us 2,000 years ago.

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