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The best tours from Madrid

The best tours from Madrid

They say that from Madrid to heaven... and also to Toledo, Cuenca, and great historical cities. If you travel to Madrid, we recommend that you reserve a few days to get to know the historic cities that you will find around you.

There are many beautiful cities that are near Madrid and to which tours depart daily from Madrid. Once you have enjoyed the capital of Spain and everything it has to offer, this is our recommendation of the best excursions from Madrid:

One of the favorite tours from Madrid is the one that goes to Cuenca and the Enchanted City, as it is the only one where you can enjoy nature and architecture. Cuenca is a World Heritage City and is home to a great medieval architectural treasure, from its Gothic Cathedral, the first to be built in Spain in that style, to its Hanging Houses or the San Pablo Bridge. If there is something that makes you fall in love with Cuenca, it is its strategic location, it is the landscape city, built on the two gorges of its Húecar and Júcar rivers.

Cuenca Tour He also takes a guided tour of the Enchanted City, one of the most famous karst landscapes in the world. This landscape seems cast under some enchantment, where everything seems to have fallen asleep. The seabed of the primeval seas appears before our eyes to reveal the mysteries of this land. Without a doubt a tour in which you cannot forget your camera.



City of three cultures, imperial city. When you arrive on this excursion to Toledo from Madrid and enter its walls, you discover centuries of history, history and legends. Walking through its streets is like walking through history. Its majestic Cathedral is one of the most striking architectural examples in Spain.

But just like its monumental buildings, its alleys are also full of charm, and contain convents, museums and corners to get lost in.


If you are passionate about Roman engineering, this is your tour. In the city of Segovia you will discover the impressive Segovia Aqueduct, looking at each stone that makes up its rows of arches, you feel like you are traveling in history.

In the guided tour of Segovia, jewels such as its cathedral or the Alcázar of Segovia are added. A perfect way to get to know the most important historical cities from your trip to Madrid.

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