Truffle Experience: is Truffletourism fashionable?

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Truffle Experience: is Truffletourism fashionable?

Truffle Experience: is Truffletourism fashionable?

CUENQUEANDO MAKES TRUFITURISM IN FASHION. A Gourmet Experience to discover the exciting world of Truffles.

Cuenqueando surprises again with an experience based on local products to publicize our traditions, our wealth and our gastronomy. The truffle is added to the seasonal products, through a Truffle Experience that will make us become true experts.

In recent years, Trufitourism has been growing in natural destinations, becoming one of the most desirable proposals to enjoy tourism in the winter months. This type of activities contributes to deseasonalizing tourism by offering an attractive tourist offer in a natural environment. This experience allows you to learn what the work of harvesting truffles is like and to learn which are the most appropriate techniques. It is not in vain that this black diamond of gastronomy obtains very high market values. The truffle is a luxury product in the world of gastronomy, which is why its price is usually very high, a kilo of black truffle is usually around €1,500 in the market, a truffle weighing about 25 gr. It costs approximately €45. If we talk about the white truffle, known as Tartufo Bianco, its prices skyrocket to €6,000 depending on the year. This variety of truffle is exclusive to the Piedmont area in Italy and a small area in Istria, Croatia. Its record price was reached in 2010 when a buyer from Hong Kong paid €90,000 for two extraordinary 950 truffles at the International Tartufo Bianco Fair in Alba (Italy), the most important event held each year.

To start enjoying this exciting gourmet world, Cuenqueando has created this Truffle Experience, a unique and fun experience to do alone, as a couple, as a family or with a group of friends. It is also ideal with young children because they learn values ​​such as trust, effort and respect for our environment. The main protagonists of this experience are Carlos Hinarejos from Trufa de la Vega and his dog Zeus, whom we will accompany on their truffle farm. In the field we will search for truffles with Zeus, we will discover what the extraction and collection of truffles is like, and we will see the great importance of the truffle dog and the special relationship it acquires with the collector. Training a truffle-eating dog is not an easy thing because it is essential that, we have already seen the prices we talked about, the dog learns not to eat them. To do this, you must first accustom the animal from a young age to the smell of truffles; in training the dog, its abilities will be very important. In Spain, hunting or herding breeds have traditionally been used, although in Italy they are usually water dogs. They start digging out toys from a young age and are offered rewards that are neither too sugary, for their well-being, nor too smelly so that their smell does not mislead their sense of smell.

After enjoying nature and feeling what it feels like to find a truffle, an experience that we recommend you have to live with Zeus, it's time to enjoy gastronomy. Behind this experience is the Trufa de la Vega project, a commitment to traditions, origin and things well done. The finishing touch to this truffle experience is a truffle tasting paired with gourmet products and local wines. Can you think of a better way to Cuenquear?

Searching for truffles with Zeus will take place every Saturday from December to February at 10:00. This activity will take place at the Trufa de la Vega farm, in the Cuenca municipality of Alcalá de la Vega. Reservations can be made by telephone at 651 919 852 or through

See you quenqueando!

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