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Taste of Alcarria: Huete land

Taste of Alcarria: Huete land

La Alcarria is full of colors, smells and above all, nature.

Tierra de Huete is born from the flavors of La Alcarria, from this land where the land undulates to preserve all its essence. Huete, known as the Monumental City of Huete, houses a magnificent cultural heritage. Among its streets you will discover unique buildings such as the Monastery of La Merced or the Convent of Jesus and Mary, noble houses such as that of the Amoragas or, which is now a hotel. , Palace of the Counts of Garcinarro. Next to Huete, in the area of ​​Saceda del Río, it hides a great treasure: the Roman Mines of Lapis Specularis, where more than 2,000 years ago the best Crystal in the entire Roman Empire, the Crystal of Hispania, was extracted.

But these are not the only treasures that Huete keeps, because this is a land of flavor. With flavors of vines, olive trees, lavender, wheat, lands... lands where our sheep graze, lands where bees go in search of food. A rich and prosperous land.

One of the annual events where all these flavors come together is the "Tierra de Huete" Gourmet Gastronomic Fair. Here you can enjoy all the products that La Alcarria Conquense provides, prepared in a traditional and artisanal way, maintaining from generation after generation the flavor of a land, of the Land of Huete.

And what flavors are you going to find? Well, keep reading and we will tell you in detail.


A wide variety of bread and sweets that this family business has been making for many years. With their genuine recipes and the best ingredients they achieve unique and exclusive flavors.


A healthy and healthy product, the result of traditional and artisanal beekeeping. Getting a honey full of floral notes, the result of laborious work that gathers all the flavors of the environment: thyme, rosemary, lavender...


One of the most unique flavors of our land can be found in the lavender liqueur liqueur and cream that they make with great care at Lavandaña, an authentic perfume for the palate. If you want to be surprised, you can't stop trying them.


With the native and traditional recipes of La Alcarria they make sweets that delight everyone who tries them. We don't know what to choose if it's their donuts, their shortbreads, their muffins... we'd better all choose!


Huete is the birthplace of zarajo and from here it has spread throughout Cuenca as one of our most typical products. It is a unique product with great flavor, and as soon as you try it you will fall in love with this gastronomic delight.


Rio Mayor cheeses are a clear commitment to adapting to new needs without losing their origins. Nestled in traditional products, they formulate new recipes that make them ideal for all palates.


Their wines demonstrate their love for this land, whose qualities are echoed in their winery. A production process aimed at highlighting a land as rich as all the varieties of these great wines.


The oil produced in this oil press is a perfect balance between the land and its production, achieving a perfect balance, resulting in a fruity, aromatic, rounded oil, with aromas of leaves, fresh grass and banana. 


Since 1985, this family factory was founded in Caracenilla with the aim of giving added value to the milk from its own livestock. Over the years, and with their good work, their cheeses have achieved well-deserved prestige.


This artisanal microwinery produces organic and natural wines. Their project is based on a double idea, that of recovering urban spaces such as the Mazarulleque cave-cellars and at the same time recovering old vineyards and varieties.

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