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Cuenca in 3 days

Cuenca in 3 days

Surely things like the Hanging Houses or the Enchanted City resonate in your head, but... do you know Cuenca?

The first thing we like to point out is that Cuenca is a World Heritage city, it is a city of great beauty and great artistic value. Its Hanging Houses, famous throughout the planet, house one of the most important museums in our geography, the Museum of Spanish Abstract Art. And very soon it will host one of our favorite stars… the Michelin!

When you come to Cuenca you can do it by bus, its station is in a central area with a wide range of hotels. If you want to know what our recommendations are for your accommodation, you can read The five most charming hotels in Cuenca. You can also arrive by AVE, and although its station is further away there is a bus service that will take you to the city center.

Take advantage of Cuenca to enjoy its dizzying architecture, there is a reason why it is the hanging city. Be surprised by its nature, because above all Cuenca is nature. Immersed in one of the lungs of Europe, the Serranía de Cuenca offers many routes that you can do on your own or with specialized nature guides. We put tour guides at your disposal so that you can get the most out of your visit to Cuenca.

If you are traveling with children or you like the world of paleontology, don't miss the opportunity to do a Dinosaur Route. Cuenca has very important sites and a first-class Paleontological Museum.

And if you want to know the province of Cuenca you cannot miss the vestiges of the Roman Empire that guards this land. Sites as important as that of the City of Segóbriga, whose splendor had to do with a material that gained great fame throughout the empire during the 1st century: lapis specularis. This Crystal from Hispania fascinated the entire empire and today you can visit an authentic Roman mine from the Huete Tourist Office, where they organize visits every weekend to the Cueva del Sanabrio.

And if the Roman world was of great importance in these lands, you cannot miss the examples of the Renaissance, such as one of the jewels of Cuenca: The Monastery of Uclés, known as the Escorial of La Mancha, one of the essential visits in Cuenca. Near Uclés you will also find an Alcarreño town, Huete, where its cultural and heritage offerings make a visit to its streets mandatory, and of course don't forget to try its honey.

Has it been too short for you? Next trip should we extend our stay?

See you Cuenqueando!

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